Solar PV Panels
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  • 25 Years Guarantee
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  • Energy Prices have DOUBLED the last 10 years

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Where could you find an investment that will ‘guarantee’ to give you a return of 8% to 15% per annum for the next 20 years?

Extra Energy will show you exactly how to achieve this and in doing so will not only make you richer and stop you being beholden to those greedy electricity companies who are expected to hike up their bills at a rate of approximately 5% - 8% a year but also, we will be helping you to reduce your carbon footprint thus making our beautiful country a greener place.

Never before has there been an opportunity to save literally thousands of pounds, improve your environment and control your future electricity bills.

The Extra Energy site will help you understand in layman's terms why installing Solar (PV)  is such an incredible opportunity not to be missed and we explain clearly - why?

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25 Year Guarantee
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